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AULFON has its foundations in one of Auckland’s largest commercial construction companies.

AULFON is geared for high growth, pursuing upcoming large-scale residential developments by drawing on the resources of a large and highly skilled workforce.

We have built a team of 20 project managers with experience and competence in navigating the complexities of building both high-rise and residential developments. This team lead a dedicated crew of over 350 construction professionals, ready to be deployed on your projects.


AULFON is committed to quality, safety, and delivering for our clients. It’s built right into our motto: “On time with pride and safety.”

Our experienced team are committed to providing our clients with exceptional workmanship and outstanding service. We build quality into everything we do by using the most appropriate tools and materials, as well as adopting safe and efficient building techniques for the job.

We know that safety is critical to the successful completion of every construction project, so team members at all levels are empowered to raise any issues. Our team’s commitment to safety on site means we all get home safely each day, and ensures the smooth running of each project.

By combining this culture of safe working with our efficient frameworks we can minimise any lost time. This allows us to deliver projects on time and on budget, all without compromising on quality. This structured approach also gives our team clear direction and provides our clients with the confidence and certainty that we’ve managed the risks to their project.


AULFON will take the vision you have for your high-quality home, boutique residential development, or light commercial project, and turn it into reality.

Our in-house project managers and tradespeople are highly skilled in their areas of expertise, and together offer a broad range of capabilities. However, it’s the pairing of these skills with the unique vision of our clients which really drives successful projects.

We recognise the importance of early collaboration between our clients and our team. With this solid foundation we can build a partnership with strong two-way communication, keeping you well-informed and seeking feedback to ensure our team understands the needs of your project.

Our experienced team will take your project through each stage of your development, responsible and accountable from start to finish.


We’ve built a strong track record of delivering for our clients. Have a look for yourself by exploring some of our completed projects, meeting the key people leading our team, or getting in touch for any more information.



We take safety seriously, with a strong internal safety culture plus independent auditing.

Along with our sister company LIVEFIRM, AULFON has introduced professional systems to monitor and maintain the highest safety standards.


We audit every site and employ external consultants as well as our own staff to monitor potential risks. One of the simplest measures we’ve implemented has proved most effective. Every AULFON employee, from the most junior to the most senior, has the right to refuse to carry out any task if he or she suspects it might not be safe.

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