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854 Mt Eden Road

Client: Project 854 Limited

Project Value: $1.1 million

Location: Three Kings, Auckland

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Comprising seven two-storey units, this development has been designed with concrete foundations and slabs on polystyrene pods, with a structural steel superstructure from ground level to the roof. The external walls will comprise timber framing with a mixture of Espan COLORSTEEL and weatherboard cladding, and a COLORSTEEL roof.


Construction commenced as scheduled on 23 November 2020, with completion planned for July 2021.


AULFON Construction’s professional approach encourages collaboration and innovation, which is backed up by efficient systems, operations, construction methods, and reporting. With a culture that promotes active involvement at all levels, AULFON’s skilled team can deliver quality work on time, within budget, and in a safe, environmentally-conscious, and neighbourly manner. This approach has been employed on this project, as it is for all work that AULFON undertakes.

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