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19 Lomond Street,


Client: Private Client

Project Value: $ 2.6 Million

Location:  Takapuna, Auckland

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Situated a short walk from Takapuna’s town centre, this three-storey development comprises six townhouses, each with four double bedrooms, and primary living spaces provided on the first floor.


The development contributes to the vibrancy and competitiveness of Takapuna’s town centre. Having local residents promotes a mix of daytime and evening activities that attract visitors, provide local jobs and enrich lifestyle choices.


The design of the building provides visual separation, allowing easy identification of each residential unit. It also serves to break up the bulk of the built form to more successfully integrate with the surrounding dwellings. This is achieved by utilising a variety of materials and colours, as well as a mixture of glazing, roofing and wall forms.


AULFON worked closely with the local community, council, client, designer, and engineers to deliver this project on time, within cost targets, and to a high standard. Our focus has been on achieving high-quality outcomes which add value to this building development, benefiting investors, home buyers and the local community.


The inter-tenancy walls are fire rated to achieve a 30/30/30 FRR (fire resistance rating) from the ground up to the underside of the roof cladding. The units and firewalls are designed and built to the New Zealand Building Code’s timber-framed building standard (NZS 3604 clause B1/AS1).

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